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Welcome to Hope Landing

Small town.  Big Secrets.  Dangerous lies.

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I'm SO glad you're here!


Hope Landing is home to the bold, spirited men of Knight Tactical Protection. Come along for the adventure as six former Navy SEALS find love, community, and renewed faith, while protecting the women they love.


Hope Landing Romantic Suspense Book 1

When a stalker turns to murder, pilot Kelli Spencer needs protection. What she doesn’t need is her old love Jack Reese returning to stir things up, but the former Navy SEAL and his team of protection specialists are the best of the best. Trust him with her life? Fine. Her heart? No way. 


The last time Jack left, he made it clear that married life held no appeal. Ten years later, he wastes no time letting her know he hasn’t changed. Not that she’d be fool enough to hope.


As the commander of Knight Tactical, Jack jumps at the chance to protect Kelli and take down a killer, but as soon as she’s safe, he plans to shake the dust of the small mountain town off his feet again…until he realizes he never should have left the first time. 


Can he convince Kelli to give him another chance, or will a devious killer destroy his plans for a happily ever after?

Hope Landing Romantic Suspense Book 2

 Long-buried secrets lead to murderous resentments.


When a sniper shoots at cafe owner Lauren Lowe in her own driveway, her life spins into a non-stop adventure. She’s convinced the true target was the handsome former SEAL in her passenger seat, but the man in question, widower Austin Daggett, disagrees. He’s certain someone’s after Lauren, and he refuses to leave her side until she’s safe. He’s only doing his duty, after all. The men of Knight Tactical offer protection, and this one’s on the house. 


While Lauren and Austin comb through the mysteries of her past, a clever killer follows their every move. To survive, they’ll need all the help Austin’s team at Knight Tactical can provide…and the assistance of someone Lauren never wanted to involve. 


As danger inches closer, their mutual attraction grows, but it’s not easy for a woman with a broken past to trust a man with a shattered heart. They might just hold the keys to healing each other’s broken hearts…if the killer doesn’t find them first.

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Hope Landing Romantic Suspense Book 3

He's her brother's best friend. She’s loved him forever, but will old secrets—and a determined killer—destroy their chances for a happy ending?


Star Brannigan might know more about computers than men, but she’s certain her older brother was killed because of the dangerous ransomware program he and their friends thought they’d destroyed years ago. 


And now the murderer’s stalking her. 


There’s only one man she can turn to for help, former SEAL and Knight Tactical operative Ethan Hernandez, her brother’s best friend, an expert cybergeek, and the man she’s had a crush on since college. Years ago, winning his love would have been a dream come true. But that was before she betrayed him. Ethan has no idea she’s the one responsible for sending his life spinning in a new direction, but if the truth ever comes out, he’ll hate her.

A hacker herself, she knows all too well that no secret remains hidden forever.

Protecting sweet, sassy Star isn’t the hardest assignment Ethan’s ever taken on. Shielding his heart from her charms tops that list. She’s off-limits. Always has been. Always will be. She needs a big brother, not a boyfriend. 

Not that his desires matter. If they can’t stop the murderer trying to recreate the stunningly-destructive program they once created, neither he nor Star will have a future to worry about. 


About Me

Don’t let the smile fool you. Edie spends far too much of her time considering murder, mayhem, and former Navy SEALS with private jets and high tech toys. 


She lives within sight of the real-life town that inspired the Hope Landing series with her firefighter husband, one creaky senior border collie and three mischievous cats. 

Edie loves hearing from readers! Click the link below to contact her.

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